Margot Wolf a 102 years old Berliner organ grinder

The 102-year-old Berliner continues to crank up the music box

Berlin (DK). She has played in Switzerland, Denmark, France, Belgium and England but prefers to play in Berlin. Her name is Margot Wolf. At the age of 102, she is probably the oldest organ player in the world. «I do not know any older ones,» says the treasurer of the International Drehorgelfreunde Berlin and proudly points to a photo on the wall. She is seen in a carriage with the district mayor of Berlin-Wilmersdorf. Together with him, she will be leading the parade on the occasion of the International Barrel Organ Festival in Berlin again this year. Then the 102-year-old will put on her hat with the purple bow, put on her black suit with the long skirt and a white lace blouse – and she will play barrel organ in that place…

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