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My name is Victor Maya. I’m a street organ grinder in Mexico and founder of «Organilleros de México». Mexican organ grinders owe a lot to our public. For decades people had granted us with their support. «Organilleros de México» as an organization is an effort of mexican organ grinders and mechanical music enthusiast of Mechanical Music to preserve this cultural heritage. It is as well an effort to change an improve aspects of the mexican organ grinder.

As result of constant research it is clear to me that this tradition will survive for the years to come. The issue is the wich path we want to walk and what for. Mexican organ grinder history makes a brotherhood with Europe and South America. Brotherhood extend to our colleagues at Chile, Germany, France, Austria and more. We salute them all.

Within Mexico our situation is complicated, but warm people keeps us on the tracks of mechanical music. I hope you enjoy our web page and share us your opinion. But above all, Thank you for your interest. Also thanks to all the people who had supported mexican organ grinder over the years with an smile or a coin.

Victor M. Maya

Member of the England Mechanical Organ Owners’ Society




Member of the Internationale Drehorgelfreunde Berlín